Happy Holidays!

Super Stolie show is a musical exhibition of creativity to explore and inspire the uniqueness and silliness in all of us!  The show will encourage your children to pause the electronics and Press Play! on their creativity and imaginations!  Playing an acoustic guitar, Super Stolie sings a batch of her catchy, original pop-rock children’s music, and also sprinkles in traditional nursery rhymes and cover tunes to mold and improv the show for the unique set of kids at hand. With her colorful outfits and personality, kids want to be her friend, join the band, and be their awesome selves!  Save the dates now and check out a show!

For Spring/Summer 2015, Super Stolie will be encouraging kids to Read to the Rhythm with a musical focus on language, alliteration, pronunciation, rhythm and rhyme in her songs, rhythmic poetry and raps, and an instrument petting zoo after the show!  To request a quote, please fill out this form.

Show Schedule

Stolie plays music for kids all year 'round and in all kinds of spaces!  Chck out the schedule to see where she'll be playing near you this fall!

Watch Videos

Super Stolie makes family-friendly videos for the whole family to watch. Crafty how-tos, live performances and music videos for her songs.

Contact Stolie

Super Stolie is currently booking Winter 2014 and Spring/Summer 2015.  Fill out this contact form with your event details to get a quote!

You were great today at our Library! You made our Teddy Bear Picnic a huge success. All of our adult and youth patrons just loved your show. You have such enthusiasm and love for music that it’s contagious. I loved when you had everyone at the end up dancing and playing music. I am sure we will see you soon again at our library!
— Julie Rodrian, Prospect Heights Public Library
You made Gracie feel so special. I was truly amazed that she was confident enough to get up there and sing with you — a testament to you and how great you are with kids.
— Bridget L.
You were amazing today! We have been getting texts since the party ended raving about the music! Thank you for making the girls’ birthday so special!
— Dayna K.