Super Stolie Turns 10!

Super Stolie started singing for kids in 2007 and is celebrating 10 years!  On Saturday November 11, 2017, Super Stolie hosted a special theater concert performance at The Windy City Playhouse in Chicago, IL to recognize the milestone and to have a big party!  VIP ticket holders met with Stolie before the show for welcome hugs.  Each family in attendance was treated to a multi-media show featuring Super Stolie with her band, The Rockstars, plus music videos, audience participation, a family dance party and balloon drop to close it out, and photos by Kelly Simos Photography (see below) to keep the memories alive!  Every child was given a Super Stolie backpack filled with fun swag, treats, and a party cupcake.  

To commemorate the anniversary, Super Stolie brought on DJ Richie Heller to make remixes of 10 Super Stolie hits, previously released on When I Grow Up (2009), Press Play! (2012) and Family in Harmony (2015).  The dance remixes are available digitally from Bandcamp and CDBaby, and offers 30 solid minutes of family living room dance party fun!   

Thanks so much to all the families that came out for this special event!  It was such a memorable day and I was ecstatic to share it with you!

xo, Super Stolie