When I Grow Up

Release Date: June 9, 2009

After more than a decade performing music professionally, Chicago songwriter Stolie directed her wit to a new demographic, and under a new moniker. Super Stolie celebrates the humility and hilarity of life in songs for KIDS!  

“I love the impression you have left not only on our boys but Mary and I as well. We love your work and your music. We still listen to this music to this day. It is always in the DVD player.”

— Collin & Devitt's dad

When I Grow Up, her fourth solo album, but first collection of children’s songs, features 11 original ditties like "Two Minutes" about how long to brush your teeth and "Kitties and Dogs," a rocker encouraging the adoption of pets so that our dreams of one day becoming veterinarians can be fulfilled. You'll also hear “The Unicorn,” written by Shel Silverstein and “Don’t Worry, Be Happy,” the all-vocal song written by Bobby McFerrin and a #1 single from the late 1980’s.

When I Grow Up sings about exploring Chicago’s many attractions, rapping your name, traveling on an escalator, describing what you see in the sky, peanut butter preferences, and just generally being happy about life!

For the album, Super Stolie performs on guitar, piano, bass, djembe, harmonica, tambourine, and of course singing!  But listen closely, and you might also hear her clapping her hands, walking in high heel shoes and making animal noises!  Drums, strings, and everything else were realized with the help of Apple’s Garageband, the program with which Super Stolie recorded her album in her Chicago home.