¡Super Stolie Guacamole!

Incorporating her love of the Spanish language and Hispanic culture, Super Stolie offers a bilingual show for children and families! The performance includes a variety of her original children's songs translated into Spanish, story time in both languages, Spanish versions of traditional songs, a family dance party and a live guacamole-making demonstration (and tasting when approved by the venue!)

Throughout the show, Stolie will give instruction, sing and read in both English and Spanish as well as teaching key words in Spanish.  

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Popular Holidays to Host this show

March 5 Carnaval
April La Semana Santa (Holy Week, Easter)
April 30 El Día Del Niño (Children's Day)
May 5 Cinco De Mayo
Sept 15 - Oct 15 celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month
Sept 16 Mexican Independence Day
Nov 1-2 Día de Los Muertos (Day of the Dead)
Dec 24 & 25 La Nochebuena (Christmas Eve) & la Navidad (Christmas)

Why Spanish?

Stolie took Honors Spanish in high school and tested out for college. After leaving her language learning for nearly 18 years, a trip to Cancún in 2013 would spark new love and discover a buried skill in speaking Spanish. So, Stolie hit the books again, used DuoLingo, started watching movies and listening to music in Spanish. To further her studies, she traveled to Guadalajara, México for an immersion program, and then visited Puerto Vallarta, the small and vibrant beach town that she now calls her home for the winter months.  

¡Super Stolie Guacamole! is an energetic and entertaining show for the whole family!