Super Stolie Show Bios


Super Stolie Music Show

A Super Stolie show is a music-centered exhibition of creativity to explore and inspire the uniqueness and silliness in all of us! Her highly interactive shows get everyone involved, introducing dance moves to get bodies moving and catchy tunes to get mouths singing. Armed with an acoustic guitar and a fun looping pedal, Super Stolie serves up a batch of her fun, original children’s songs from three albums with sprinkles of traditional nursery rhymes for the little ones and popular cover tunes for the big kids. No matter what age-group you’re gathering, she always molds and improvs her show for the unique set of kids at hand!

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¡Super Stolie Guacamole! 

Incorporating her love of the Spanish language and Latin culture, Super Stolie offers a bilingual show! This performance includes some original children's songs translated into Spanish, storytime in both languages, Spanish versions of traditional songs (Twinkle, Twinkle and La Cucaracha), maracas and drums to play, a family dance party and a live guacamole-making demonstration (and tasting when approved by the venue!) Throughout the show, Stolie will give instruction, sing and read in both English and Spanish as well as teaching key words in Spanish. 

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Super Stolie's Halloween Daydream

Dressed in costume, Super Stolie joins the kids in celebrating Halloween and everything that goes along with it!  Singing songs about candy, telling a not-so-spooky ghost story, pumpkin jumpin', and songs to highlight the different kids of costumes the kids are wearing, you'll hear a mix of Stolie originals, traditional kids songs and popular radio hits that are all twisted for Trickin' and Treatin'!

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