Super Stolie's Halloween Daydream

This video will be available for viewing from October 17 through November 7, 2020.

Go here if you forgot or lost the password.

See you soon!

Super Stolie's popular Halloween show is coming to a screen near you -- right in your home! You're invited on a musical Halloween adventure that celebrates all the fun things that go along with one of our favorite Holidays! With songs about candy (and another about brushing your teeth), a not-so-spooky ghost story, a witch's potion, jumpin' pumpkins and costume changes, the spirit of Halloween is sure to grab you! Featuring a mix of songs that are all deliciously twisted for Trickin' and Treatin'!

To participate in the interactive fun, have these items on hand when you watch the show:

1. bubbles

2. a shaker

3. an inflated balloon