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Hola Ola 

Knowing another language connects us with more people in the world and opens the door to new opportunities in travel, career and friendship. Maybe you have just started that journey for yourself or your child. Finding ways to expose yourself to a new language can help increase your comprehension and speaking abilities, and music is at the top of my list!

Introducing Hola Ola, Super Stolie's first collection of songs in a bilingual format for speakers of both English and/or Spanish or those learning one or the other as their second language.

AVAILABLE NOW! Order Hola Ola and get an immediate download of three original Super Stolie songs, plus an exclusive bonus track (Hint: from the movie Coco)



Celebrating 10 years of making music for children and families, Super Stolie 10 features dance remixes of 10 songs from Super Stolie's first 3 albums.


Come out and play! Summertime is for outdoor park concerts and air-conditioned library programs. Check out Super Stolie's 2019 summer show schedule and save some dates!


Book now available from Amazon.com  

Super Stolie's third album for families is now available as a read-along, sing-along lyric book! With an intentional literary focus in the songs’ compositions, the collection not only infuses healthy concepts, but also encourages proper pronunciation and amplifies articulation. The lyric book includes all the words to the songs, fun facts, spelling bee challenges and definitions, questions to spark conversation and activities to try while listening to the music.


Super Stolie was featured on the Good Stuff Kids Podcast!

 25  JUNE

Stolie's interview with The Crafy Musician

June 25, 2018

"I’d like to introduce you to Stolie, a pop-rock singer-songwriter catering to adults who also happens to be a bilingual genius showcasing a combo of music and learning for kids. This fascinating interview will inspire you to think outside the box and figure out creative ways to monetize your talents and passion.

 15  MAY

Review in Mommy Maestra, May 15, 2018

"I'm always happy to discover new artists who are sharing their love of Spanish with children in fun and educational ways. I'm always a skeptic...until I actually hear a person speak Spanish to see if there's any kind of accent. But after I saw this video, I was sold."