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Meet Super Stolie!

a Musician and mom on the move!

Super Stolie is a life-long musician and artist who loves to use creative ideas and humor in her live shows to inspire the uniqueness in each of us. 

Splitting her time between the states and México (and now with almost 4-year old Emmeline in tow) Stolie is proof that creating life and work balance will reward you a pretty awesome time! Her positivity to embrace the world and its many wonders is evident in the way she connects with her young audience.

Are you ready to showcase your "super"!?

  • What is Super Stolie’s real name?
    Super Stolie’s real name is Rebecca Stoelinga. Stolie is a nickname that was given to her when she played soccer in college and then became her performing name. Super Stolie is her artist name as a singer for kids.
  • Where is Super Stolie from?
    Super Stolie is originally from Deerfield, Illinois, USA.
  • Is Super Stolie a Mommy?
    Yes! Stolie is the proud mama of Emmeline (“lean”), her daughter who was born in October 2020.
  • Is Super Stolie playing near me?
    Check the events page to see Super Stolie’s upcoming show dates. If you are interested in Super Stolie coming to play a show near you, visit the book now page!
  • Who do I contact to inquire about booking Super Stolie for a concert?
    Super Stolie is available for live shows in the Chicagoland area, and elsewhere when she's on the road. If you are interested in booking Super Stolie, visit the booking page.
  • How far will Super Stolie travel?
    Super Stolie is open to play anywhere if the logistics make sense! She often tours to areas outside of Chicago to play a block of shows. Contact me and let's bounce ideas!
  • Does Super Stolie perform at private parties?
    Sure! Stolie plays parties for all ages and any kind of celebration. Since she plays for grown-ups, too, she is very adaptable to offer entertainment for all ages of guests.
  • What CDs has Super Stolie released? Any books?
    Super Stolie has released several music albums. Some are available on CD and some are just digital. She also made a read-along lyric book to go with the Family in Harmony album. Visit the store page to browse and purchase Super Stolie’s music as well as fun fan stuff, clothes and sheet music!
  • I don't have a CD player, how can I listen to Super Stolie’s music?"
    You can stream the music on all your favorite platforms! Ask Alexa and OK Google to play Super Stolie music, stream it on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, and more! This is still a great way to show your support so Super Stolie can keep making music.
  • Are Super Stolie’s songs available to download?
    Yes! You can see all the buying options for each song on the music page or just search for Super Stolie on your favorite download or streaming app.
  • Does Super Stolie have a greatest hits CD?
    In 2017, Super Stolie celebrated 10 years of making music for kids with a anniversary album of dance remixes of some of her favorite songs from her first three albums. The album is called “10”! Listen on the music page!
  • Can I buy Super Stolie’s CDs and books in a store?
    The best way to support Super Stolie is to purchase CDs and books directly from her website store or at a live show. But you may be able to find copies floating around on eBay or Amazon, too!
  • Is there sheet music available for Super Stolie’s music?
    Sheet music is available for all the songs on the Family in Harmony album on the store page. If there is a song you would like music for, contact Super Stolie!
  • How do I stay up to date with the latest on the Super Stolie?
    Thank you! Sign up for the mailing list and let’s keep in touch!
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