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Happy Jolly Days

Holiday Album

Born November 27, 2020

To wrap up 2020, Super Stolie presents a fresh batch of Holiday tunes! Geared toward children ages 3-8, this collection of Holiday classics (plus 3 Super Stolie originals!) adds tinselly twists, bells and beats to tunes that will have you joyously celebrating the Holiday season with the whole family.

In this Holiday musical adventure, Super Stolie travels through a winter wonderland, meets a snowman and joins the elves at the gingerbread home to decorate. We'll sing for Santa and bake him some delicious cookies while getting to know his reindeer. Then, say goodnight with a Silent Night lullaby as we wish everyone a Merry Christmas and countdown to the New Year!

With special guest vocals by The Linde Girls (Miriam, Evelyn, Violet and Annette)

Hola Ola 

Spanish-English Bilingual EP

Born October 11, 2019

Born October 11, 2019

Popularly known for shows that teach and share the Latin culture and Spanish language with young live audiences, Super Stolie is gaining international recognition as a children's bilingual artist. This is her first collection of bilingual children’s music and the much-anticipated supplement for young language-learners, parents, teachers and librarians. Hola Ola (means "hello wave") includes 3 dual-language songs for children who speak English and/or Spanish or who are learning one as their second language. 

Exclusive Bonus Track Alert!!! Click "Get Album" above to download the EP from Bandcamp and you'll also get Super Stolie's cover of "Remember Me" from the animated movie Coco! Only available from Bandcamp!

10 Year Anniversary Album

Born December 1, 2017

Family in Harmony

Born August 4, 2015

Press Play!

Born November 6, 2012

When I Grow Up 

Born June 9, 2009

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