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Super Stolie's third album, Family in Harmony, is now available as a read-along, sing-along lyric book! Book includes all the words to the songs, fun facts, spelling bee challenges and definitions, questions to spark conversation and activities to try while listening to the music.


On Family in Harmony, Super Stolie delights both parents and kids with a team of tunes to brighten any day, embracing the beauty, rhythm and harmony that exist in all that we see or do. If you can dream it, hope for it, believe it and love it, anything is possible.


Family in Harmony visualizes the world through the eyes of a dreamer, embracing the beauty, rhythm and harmony that colors everything we see and do. With a intentional literary focus in the songs’ compositions, the collection not only infuses healthy concepts, but also encourages proper pronunciation and amplifies articulation. These songs offer sweet and moral objectives: Whether the kids are floating with the current of “The River Down,” taking a lesson from the mischievous “Little Black Bear,” campaigning for all colors to be favored equally as a “Family in Harmony” or trying their own hand at “Rock Paper Scissors,” these 12 original songs will inspire a peaceful happiness to every moment of every day. 


Support the artist and buy directly from Super Stolie.

Also available from Amazon.  

Family in Harmony: Read-Along, Sing-Along Lyric Book

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