Virtual Concerts

Super Stolie offers two virtual concert options:


Pre-Recorded Content 

Conceptualized, filmed, edited and delivered to you, digitally. Unlimited use to broadcast the program on your various media channels (Facebook, YouTube, your website, etc.) over a given presentation period (usually 2 weeks or more). Choose to add personalization (an introduction, your logo) to make it unique for your brand. With multiple air dates, reach more of your viewers (patrons, community, students), increase awareness to your brand, and be a collaborator in offering quality entertainment for each viewer's enjoyment.


Zoom Presentation  or Facebook Live Cross-Post
One show in real time on a single air date. This option may be more interactive with each child on screen, and is great for smaller classes or birthday parties. 30-45 minutes shows. Space is limited to 100 attendees on Zoom. 

Pick from the show themes below!

Super Stolie Music Show 

NOW VIRTUAL! Super Stolie's energetic and interactive shows inspire the silliness in everyone and are inclusive of all ages, genders and capacities. In her new virtual show, you'll see Stolie play acoustic guitar or ukulele set before fun virtual backgrounds and animated video integrations. Super Stolie serves up a dynamic batch of original kids’ songs, engaging through the screen with sing-along cues, dancing instruction, movement challenges, guessing games, history and science lessons and high fives (err...elbows!) Are you ready to bring the rock show to your house??

Imagine Your Story

Celebrate the "Imagine Your Story" summer reading theme with Super Stolie. Once upon a time, it all started with an idea which became words and then, “poof!” Some action made it happen! Follow Super Stolie into the dream tree house and let your imagination run wild! Let's dream big together to imagine the possibilities of time and space and bring some fantastic fantasies to life! 

Available June through August    2020

Due to its whimsical nature, this show is only available in the

pre-recorded, edited format.

Super Stolie ¡Guacamole!
A bilingual show!

NOW VIRTUAL! Super Stolie believes that having a global education brings people together and opens doors to new opportunities in travel, career and friendship. After spending several winters in México and working her way to Spanish fluency, she is an advocate for exposing children to other languages and cultures at an early age. You’re invited to join Super Stolie on a virtual adventure to México! Let’s celebrate the influences of Hispanic culture through sights and sounds, foods, traditions and dances of our neighboring country to the South! Stolie will give instruction, sing and read in both English and Spanish, highlighting key words that you can then integrate into your child’s daily routine, as well as activities to try at home!

Incorporate this show in celebration of: 

April 30 Día Del Niño (Children's Day)

May 5 Cinco De Mayo

Sept 15 - Oct 15 Hispanic Heritage Month

Sept 16 Mexican Independence Day

Nov 1-2 Día de Los Muertos (Day of the Dead)

Super Stolie's Halloween Daydream

NOW VIRTUAL! Super Stolie's popular Halloween show is coming to a screen near you -- right in your home! You're invited on a musical Halloween adventure that celebrates all the fun things that go along with one of our favorite Holidays! With songs about candy (and another about brushing your teeth), a not-so-spooky ghost story, a witch deciding which potion to cast, a pumpkin jumping dance party, extra characters, and Halloween costume changes, you'll be at home in the spirit of Halloween! Expect a mix of Stolie originals, traditional kids songs and popular radio hits that are all deliciously twisted for Trickin' and Treatin'!

Now booking October 2020! 

Due to costume changes, this show is only available in the pre-recorded, edited format. It's scary how sweet it is!