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Hello, Rockstar!

Super Stolie is a musician and artist who loves to use creativity and humor to inspire the uniqueness in all of us. With her colorful outfits and vibrant personality, kids want to be her friend, join the band, and showcase their awesome selves! 

Happy Jolly Days


Happy Jolly Days


Close out 2020 with a fresh batch of Holiday tunes, Super Stolie style! Geared toward children ages 3-8, this collection of Holiday classics (plus 3 Super Stolie originals!) adds tinselly twists, bells and beats to tunes that will have you joyously celebrating the Holiday season with the whole family.

In this Holiday musical adventure, Super Stolie travels through a winter wonderland, meets a snowman and joins the elves at the gingerbread home to decorate. We'll sing for Santa and bake him some delicious cookies while getting to know his reindeer. Then, say goodnight with a Silent Night lullaby as we wish everyone a Merry Christmas and countdown to the New Year!


When the worldwide pandemic forced summer events to be canceled, Super Stolie shifted her shows from the stage to a screen! Since March 2020, Stolie has filmed and edited nearly a dozen full-length video programs, featuring her original music in a variety show of entertainment for kids -- crafts, cooking, science, real-world footage, dance choreography, counting, spelling, and jokes! 


Shows are available for short-term licensing for broadcast on your social media outlets. View current program options here!

Hola Ola 

Knowing another language connects us with more people in the world and opens the door to new opportunities in travel, career and friendship. Maybe you have just started that journey for yourself or your child. Finding ways to expose yourself to a new language can help increase your comprehension and speaking abilities, and music is at the top of my list!

Introducing Hola Ola, Super Stolie's first collection of songs in a bilingual format for speakers of both English and/or Spanish or those learning one or the other as their second language.


"For many parents, a foreign language is not a high priority to add to their child’s already long list of activities. Many wonder, why should my child learn another language when they have so much on their plate as it is? I recently had the pleasure to interview an amazing musician and advocate for teaching Spanish, the wonderful Super Stolie. Below she talks about her own journey to learn Spanish, and why she feels it is so important to expose children to other languages and cultures.


Family in Harmony, Super Stolie's third album for families, is now available as a read-along, sing-along lyric book! With an intentional literary focus in the songs’ compositions, the collection not only infuses healthy concepts, but also encourages proper pronunciation and amplifies articulation. The lyric book includes all the words to the songs, fun facts, spelling bee challenges and definitions, questions to spark conversation and activities to try while listening to the music.


Super Stolie was featured on the Good Stuff Kids Podcast!

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